A Trip to the Bone Church in the Czech Republic

During our stay in the Czech Republic in August we decided to take a side trip to Sedlec Ossuary, the famous bone church in the town of Kutna Hora, located just outside Prague. You could take a tour, but we decided to get there on our own as the church itself is very small and could be done in an afternoon.

Taking the train to get there wasn’t easy, as we had to take a local train and then connect to another local train. The total cost for both of us was only about 14 dollars.

Waiting for the local train to arrive at a quiet connecting station

As it turned out, we missed our first connection stop and had to backtrack. It look an extra 30 minutes but we finally made it to the town.

Kutna Hora train station

From the train station it is a 20 minute walk towards the centre of town where the ossuary is located. The walk was fairly quiet with only a few other tourists heading in the same direction.

The abbey nearby the bone church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Once arriving near the church you have to get an entrance ticket from a separate building (don’t go directly to the ossuary without the ticket!) and then make the five minute talk from the ticket booth to the osssuary itself.

The tents were there due to repair work on the exterior of the church

Getting near to the ossuary, it doesn’t appear much different than any church.

Not much to see going in…

Once inside, it is a very different place. The bones are artistically arranged and are certainly morbid but not frightening at all. They reminded us of the catacombs of Paris we did years ago although the creativity was even greater here.

The “chandelier”

We spent about 30 minutes inside the ossuary, and were impressed by the skill at arranging the bones in artistic patterns. If you are visiting Prague, the Sedlec Ossuary is well worth the half day trip from the city.

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