Hiking around Lake Bled in Slovenia

While staying in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, we made a day trip to Lake Bled. It’s just a 45 minute bus ride from the main bus station in Ljubljana, so it made for an easy trip to one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia. It is famous for a medieval castle overlooking the lake as well as a church located in the middle of the lake.

The bus dropped us off in the downtown area, which was just a 10 minute walk from the Lake.

Lake Bled
The church in the middle of the lake
Enjoying the view

We had the option of going to visit the church in the lake, but instead we decided to use the time to circle around the lake and hike up to a viewpoint where we could enjoy the entire Lake Bled area. Most visitors just circle around the lake, but the best viewpoints are from the hills surrounding the lake.

This was the plan
The path to the best viewpoints of Lake Bled
Up we go

The hike went higher and took longer than we expected and it was the heat of late summer, but at least there was some shade!

Up trails and gullies
Finally, we start to get a view
Lake Bled
The lake lies in the shadow of the Julian Alps. The castle is at the lower right
Bled Castle
Now, time to go back down
Back on the walking trail
Trying the Lake Bled Cream Cake

Before we took the bus back we tried the famous Lake Bled Cream cake. It was very good, although it seemed a bit similar to cream cake we had elsewhere. But having it with a view of the lake and castle made it that much better.

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