Our trip in the fall of 2019 actually included Europe (Greece), Asia (Turkey) and Africa (Egypt) but I’ve put this section here for now.

We landed in Athens and took a long, early morning ferry to Paros where we stayed for four nights. From there we took a short ferry to Naxos where we stayed for another four nights. After that, we took the ferry to Santorini for three nights. We then took a ferry to Crete where we stayed in Malevizi for two nights, the beaches of Kissamos for four nights and a valley-top home near Heraklion for three nights.

We then flew back to Athens for three nights before flying to Istanbul and then Neveshir where we boarded a van to take us to our next destination. We stayed for three nights in Goreme in the heart of Cappadocia. From there we took a long bus ride to Antalya where we stayed for five nights, rented a car and explored the surrounding region. We took another long bus to Izmir where we stayed for six nights. We rented a car again and visited Pamukkale as well as other famous sights nearby such as Ephesus.

We took a flight from Izmir to Istanbul where we stayed for one week. From there we flew to Cairo for our two weeks in Egypt. We began our tour of Egypt with a trip to Alexandria and Saqqara before doing the a Nile Cruise. This took us to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings as well as the ports of Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan. Lastly, we took an early drive down to Abu Simbel before returning back to Cairo. For our last few days in Cairo we explored some of the city as well as visiting the pyramids at Dashur.

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