Three Western New York state parks in 3 days–Day two: Robert H. Treman State Park

Taking a bridge over the gorge

Our next visit to Robert G. Treman State Park located close to Ithaca, New York. It was a sunnier day than our trip to Letchworth the day before, but walking through the narrow gorge meant we had only brief glimpses of the sun. Named after a wealthy businessman and local landowner, the land around the park was bought up over many years and subsequently donated by Treman to New York State in the 1920s. Originally named Enfield Glen Reservation, the park was named after Treman following his death in 1937.

We came through the east entrance so we immediately found the Lower Falls. Set a distance away from the rest of the gorge trail, it’s a popular swimming spot in the summer. Since we were visiting in late fall, the spot was nice and quiet.

Lower Falls (Enfield Glen Falls)

From the Lower Falls we made our way towards the main part of the gorge to see the other falls. There are 12 waterfalls in total, with the Lower Falls and Lucifer Falls being the best known.

The gorge trail was well maintained with stone walkways throughout
View from the bridge seen in the opening photo

It was a pleasant trip through the gorge walk. The park was not busy at this time of year and the colours were once again a highlight. Even though it was November there was still a lot of green on some of the trees to contrast with the yellows and browns on other ones.

As we made our way down the gorge, we passed the series of waterfalls: some narrow and small, others wide and larger. There was a nice variety to them and the well-positioned walkways meant it was possible to get close to all of them.

Just above another waterfall
And the view from below

Finally, we reached Lucifer Falls near the bottom of the gorge trail. The tallest of the waterfalls in the park, it drops 35 metres (115 feet). The stone walkway allowed for an up-close view, and it was a perfect end to the hike.

One last bend before Lucifer Falls
Approaching Lucifer Falls from the top
Lucifer Falls
Bottom of the gorge

Of course, what goes down must come up again, so after a short walk around the bottom of the gorge we had to make our way back up. No complaints from us as the trip was worthwhile. It was another nice park, and we had one more state park to take in on this trip: Watkins Glen.

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