Exploring Budapest Part 2: Walking the streets of the Pest side

A shot of the Hungarian Parliament Building taken from Buda Castle

We spent most of our time on the Pest side of the city, where there were lots of things to see and do. Since we were staying in the centre of town, it was easy to get around the main parts of the city. Most of the time we walked, but a few times we took the tram, which was cheap and convenient.

A short distance away from where we stayed was the Great Market Hall, considered the most famous marketplace in Budapest. There were so many shops to browse, from bakeries to butchers to fresh fruits and veggies.

Great Market Hall
There was no shortage of snacks and other delicious foods to eat. Kim was having a pretzel

From there we went down the pedestrian zone that goes through the main shopping districts. It’s a long walk with lots to check out along the way.

There are many street-side cafes along the way, and the staff will (sometimes aggressively) try to get you to come in, something we didn’t experience much at all in Prague. Although annoying, there were still lots of delicious places to get a bite to eat if you didn’t give in to pressure.

We made a stop and checked out one of the restaurants along way for lunch. Kim had a vegetarian dish and i had a goulash. It was good, though I have to admit I preferred the goulash I had in the Czech Republic.

Heading back onto the pedestrian zone, there was a lot of variety as we walked from one end to the other–you never knew what you might see. From street vendors and performers to a song and dance performance by a group of Hare Krishna followers, there was something for everyone.

I didn’t know the Hare Krishnas were still around
Admiring St. Stephen’s Basilica

Eventually we went deeper into the city. We walked the length of the tree-lined embassy row (Andrássy út) and visited Heroes Square (Hősök tere). The monument is dedicated to many of the leaders of Hungary through the ages. The place was quite busy, as was most of the city in late August.

In front of Heroes Square
Examining the statues up close
There is an art museum on each side of the square. Above is the Museum of Fine Arts on the left

From there we went over to Vajdahunyad Castle, built in 1896 to commemorate 1000 years of Hungary’s existence. It’s quite a beautiful castle and the grounds are well kept including the lake surrounding it.

Standing in front of Vajdahunyad Castle
Who’s a good boy?

Another day we headed over to the Hungarian Parliament Buildings.

in front of Parliament. The little girl was imitating the soldiers

After spending a few days doing a lot of walking through the city, we had to try a craft brewery before we went to our next destination. While not large, there is a craft beer scene in Budapest with some good ones to try.

I had to have #12–Dead Rabbit
A great way to end the day

Overall we enjoyed our time in Budapest. It didn’t capture our hearts the way Prague did, but it did have a lot of old-world charm to go along with its modern city vibe.

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