Exploring Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Northern Vietnam Part 2: Phong Nha water cave

The entrance to the cave

After spending the morning visiting Paradise cave, we went back to the boat launch in the middle of town to start the next part of the tour, the Phong Nha water cave. But first, some lunch:

There was a choice between meat and vegetarian. I chose meat and Kim chose vegetarian and they separated us to different tables. This was the (mostly) meat section for sharing. I think the vegetarian section looked better

After lunch we went into one of the longboats for the next part, a trip down the river towards the cave.

The boat launch
On the river
Passing by the town
Lots of dogs were down by the river
Passing the Kwik-E-Mart near our guesthouse
Water buffalo on the river
Going upriver with the mountains in the distance
Approaching the cave

Once the boat was near to the cave the motor was turned off and the canopy was removed. We slowly drifted into the cave as the oars-man -woman kept a steady paddle.

They needed to be strong to keep the boat going

After travelling through the cave and back we went ashore inside the cave. We left the boat and would return to it once we were outside the cave. Our guide pointed out how this cave as a field hospital during the Vietnam war.

After getting off the boat. The cave entrance is in the background

Although the interior of the cave was not as large as Paradise Cave, it was quite beautiful with lots of different formations.

These formations looked similar to the pools we saw in Pamukkale, Turkey
Walking back out of the cave
One last look at the cave entrance

We had a great time in Phong Nha. Although it was the one place where we found a huge cockroach in our room and the town itself was very small, the natural beauty of the jungle and cave systems were incredible. Expert cavers can spend weeks here, though many only come for a few days. The town and surrounding park might someday become very active as tourism increases but for now it’s a relatively quiet place to visit.

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