This was the approximate route we took going through Southeast Asia from January 26th to March 20th. We began in Bangkok and spent four nights there before flying to Siem Reap, Cambodia to see Angkor Wat.

After spending four nights in Siem Reap we took a bus to Phenom Penh to stay for three nights. From there we flew to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to stay for two nights before flying to Nha Trang on the coast of Vietnam. We stayed there for three nights before flying up to the historic city of Hoi An. After staying there for three nights we were driven to Hue for two nights.

From Hue we took a bus to Phong Nha, about four hours away. Located at the edge of the national park, it was the quietest place we visited on our trip. From there we flew from a nearby city to Hanoi where we stayed for four nights.

Our next flight took us to Luang Prabang in northern Laos. We stayed there for five nights before driving down to Vang Vieng where we stayed for three nights. From there we drove down to the capitol city of Vientiane for three nights.

We flew back to Thailand, this time going to Chiang Mai for five nights. We then flew down to the Andaman islands where we began with four nights near Karon beach in Phuket. We took a ferry to Koh Phi Phi where we stayed for three nights before taking another ferry to Krabi. We stayed in Krabi for three nights before going to Koh Samui on the other coast of Thailand. Originally we were going to stay for a week in Koh Samui before returning home but the situation with the coronavirus forced us to cancel that portion. We landed at Koh Samui airport, waiting in the airport for a couple of hours and flew back to Bangkok where we stayed at an aitport hotel before flying back to Canada the next day.

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